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Full Version: almost there, 2011-12 UD S1&2 Complete Set
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Okay fellow collectors,
I am in dire need of 4 11-12 Young Guns, I need Card #208 Landeskog, #214 RNH #215 Lander and card #468 Nyquist.

I am willing to split up my PC's to get the RNH and was wondering if there are any Craig Smith Collectors or Nashville Fans out there that may have a Nuge to trade,

I also just bought a tin of S2 and got YG's #456,477,486 and 500 along with Canvas YG of Andrew Shaw #C232, and a Couturier OPC Retro
Good luck man, you seem to be in need of the big $$$ cards to complete... Nuge YGs still sell off for $80-$100 on the bay.. I havnt check the Landeskogs lately
Good luck I just acquired the last two YG's to complete my set, and I'm still working on earlier sets, and have found some deals on cards I needed.
best of luck

you can just play the waiting game and sooner or later you will get a deal... that is what i did with a few cards i needed for 1 set and it was pretty sweet