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Full Version: COOLEST THING!!
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I saw that Paul Laus had joined twitter recently and began following him...this morning I woke up and received a message asking if I would be willing to accept him following me! WHOLLY CRAPPOLA ! YES!

I sent him a thank you for following me...since then we have been Direct Messaging back and forth...chatting about everything form him being drafted by the Penguins to our families!

Pretty cool!! He is a super nice guy and very personable at that!

Just thought Id share a story about such a nice personable NHl'er!

Thanks for the read.
He sounds like a great guy. Great story Hugh.
Wow, that's a great story! Nice to know there is still some humility out there!
how cool is that. What a sweet deal to wake up to.
Awesome story Hugh!!! You need to PM me his twitter account. I really like that an athlete takes the time to interact with his fans. Really cool!!!
This is really cool! Love hearing great stories like this! It shows that athletes are still connected to the community and fans that enjoy their skills!

Chatted w Mr. Laus a bunch more tonight...just a super, super cool and down to earth guy. Hockey players by fan are the closest and most personable to the fans of any sport I would say.

LPGA is pretty good about it too...
thanks cool
that is pretty sweet

i am on twitter but i dont go on there much