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Full Version: what are you buying lately?
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It's been a good few months since I've even looked at new cards to buy...the last few I bought was when 2012 Total Mem came out. I think this week I need to make a trip to Target....what have you had fun opening lately?
The Ignite cards are nice.
Ignite mainly until FanFare comes out. Won't pay for Redline or Showcase.
I agree. Most folks are sticking with Ignite (retail and Hobby). I don't think most of us here can afford to blow the money for Showcase with the economy being what it is now, AND Redline seems to be a big bust to me. I wouldn't even bother to spend my money on it. I'd rather see PP dump that and bring back either Eclipse, Premium, or VIP. I have been fussing about PP dumping all the sets fans love and they seem to stick with the 'We make what the fans want us to' line. It continues to look like they are wrong about all these sets.
The BV's for Ignite and TM are miserable for the amount of cards per box. Redline doesn't even look as good as those two and costs even more. If PP wants me to look at the Racing Card industry the same as Topps is presenting its monopoly on MLB, they are doing a good job of running me off. Beckett isn't helping with significant drops in BV for most Racing cards made in the past couple of years.
I am fearful that this hobby is taking a major dive in value, just like the other sports cards are. PLUS, NASCAR attendance continues to drop for every race. I can't figure out which is destroying the hobby more, Press Pass or NASCAR?!
I miss Eclipse. I love all the sets!!
(08-07-2012, 04:24 PM)jeffgordonracing24 Wrote: [ -> ]I miss Eclipse. I love all the sets!!
I miss Eclipse too. It was my fav. set every year. After what I thought was the best designed set in the entire run of Eclipse, they decided to change it into the 'painted canvas' brand. That turned me off quickly, but I slowly warmed to it a bit. I wish they'd bring Eclipse back and make space/astronomy-based designs again. The 2009 set perfectly blended my top 2 hobbies and I'd love to see it again.