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Full Version: Some all-time greats PC mail!
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Haven't posted much in a while, as I've been away on business, but here are the newest additions to my all-time greats PC...

[Image: DanielBriereAutographedJersey.jpg]
Daniel Briere autographed jersey

[Image: GuyLaFleurAutograph.jpg]
A beautiful Guy LaFleur autograph

[Image: GabrielLandeskogAutographedJersey.jpg]
Rookie of the Year Gabriel Landeskog autographed jersey

[Image: LarryMurphyJersey.jpg]
A Larry Murphy jersey

[Image: TonyEspositoJersey.jpg]
A really nice Tony Esposito three-color dual jersey

and holy cow!!!
[Image: 1-1.jpg]
The Rocket, Maurice Richard autograph! (Thanks Nick!)

That's all for now, hope to post again soon!
Glad to see it make it there safe and sound. Those other cards are awesome. I'm a big fan od the private signings.
Sweet Orange and Black love. Of course it is in the #1 position.
Woah, is it possible to be too big a fan of one's own home team?? Wink

Although the Briere is nice, I saved the best for last, Maurice Richard gets just a little more respect.
Everything else in the post was done alphabetically, since first names are included in the titles, they show up that way in the collection. Incidentally, the Danny B. was kind of a last minute addition to the PC, I like his tenacity for being such a small guy.
Insane! I was enthralled by that Guy Lafleur when I first saw it, but then scrolling down and seeing that Maurice Richard AU... WOW!!! Congrats on the HUGE adds to the PC!

Holy crap that is a huge AU to add to your PC. Nice additions.
I am still in aw at the Lafleur and Richard autos. Once I saw the Richard in person I wanted to keep it, but it looks better in your collection.
Great All-Time Great PC additions. Love the Richard auto.
great Rocket love the private signings right after the Rocket