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Full Version: WTTF Jesus Montero Auto
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I am trying to get autos of each of my favorite players (some much harder than others) and am focusing on one at a time. I currently own about 10 of about 35ish players I am trying to get and I just recently became dedicated to doing this so I am not doing that bad in doing so. Now is Jesus Montero and I am looking to get one preferably in a Mariners uniform but a Yankees one would be fine.

PS: Unrelated, but if you have any Trout I don't have I am interested as well.
I have the Montero shown below

[Image: auto2.jpg]
(08-02-2012, 04:36 PM)MagicInaBottle Wrote: [ -> ]I have the Montero shown below

[Image: auto2.jpg]
What are you looking to get for it?