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Full Version: WTTF Walt Frazier
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I'm mostly a baseball collector, but I love Walt Frazier. I've noticed he's been in a lot of products lately so I'd like to start collecting him. I don't have any basketball for trade except some various base from low-end products so I'd really only be able to trade baseball, also have a bit of hockey. My org is not up to date either, but I do have lots of baseball, base, parallels, autos, gu, etc. from the last 3 years and some from before. If anyone has any Walt Frazier for trade and is looking for any baseball, let me know what you'd be looking for. Thanks!

I have a few of the All Time Greats base cards of Frazier. They are each numbered to 50. I f interested I can list them in my org later today.
I have a few in my organization...