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Full Version: Flea Market Michael Jordan STEAL!
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I got a 1992-93 Fleer Total D Michael Jordan ! card from my local flea market for 50 cents today, yes 50 cents. I looked it up on eBay to see if I got a decent one and noticed it was selling for about $40! I don't have a basketball price guide so that's why I looked on eBay. Anyway if anyone wants to buy it PM me.

[Image: MichaelJordan1992-93FleerTotalD.jpg]
Those scratches are on the top loader
ill give you 10x's what you paid. and ill pay for shipping

you make out like a bandit
sweet steal and nice card.
if the card got 4 pointed corners & not much chipping.. that is one awesome steal!! I used to love those type of buys at the local flee market.. can't find too much good stuff at them anymore..

I seen a lot of those Total D cards have a lot of chipping on the edges..

What other cards did you pick up? At that .50 cent price.. I'd pick up just about all of them.. Especially 90's inserts..

Great Find!!
Only picked up an Upper Deck College Greats Tebow, I'm gonna go back next weekend and look deeper into it. I had a 6 person entourage with me so I didn't have a ton of time to look.
pm sent
i would say thats a nice pic up and price