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Full Version: My 2012 Total Memorabilia Tony Stewart collection
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I cracked a few boxes of this stuff (just posted it in the Box Breaks section) and I pulled a couple of Tony Stewart's out of there, and decided to try to make a little collection. I would love to trade for some of the ones I need, or some upgrades, but here is where I am so far:

[Image: 2012TMSmoke0001.jpg]

I need the Hot Rod Relics Melting, 1/1, so I am not holding out much hope.

[Image: 2012TMSmoke.jpg]

The Single Swatch Melting are 01/10 and 10/10.

I need a Single Swatch Silver, #/199. That should be easy to find, but I can not get my hands on!

[Image: 2012TMSmoke0002.jpg]

I went overboard a bit with the Dual Swatch Golds - I have three for trade,and two extra of the Silver, plus one Holofoil extra, as well.

I need the Dual Swatch Melting, #/5, if anyone sees one.

[Image: 2012TMSmoke0003.jpg]

The Triple Swatch Silver was the first card I pack pulled, but it was damaged, so it is with Press Pass right now hopefully getting replaced...I picked up another one, just in case.

I need the Triple Swatch Melting, 1/1...sure.

I need the Quad Swatch Melting, 1/1...double sure.

[Image: 2012TMSmoke0004.jpg]

I went a little overboard with the Stewart/Addington Tandem Treasures, as well, with two Gold and two Silver to trade.

I need the Holofoil, #/25 and the Melting, #/5.

[Image: 2012TMSmoke0005.jpg]

I have seen a few of the Jumbo Swatch Gold, but not really any Holofoil (#/10) and certainly not the Melting 1/1. No Silver in the Jumbos.

I need the Stewart/Danica Tandem Treasures Gold (#/75) and the Melting (#/5).

As for the Signature Collection, the Triple is #/10, the Quad is #/5 and the Single is 1/1 (I am guessing it is a Jumbo Swatch).

So, all in, I am pretty far along, but the end is going to be a bit pricey and elusive...hopefully I have some friends out there that can help me out.

Not much of a Stewart fan (jk) but love those Stewart/Danica cards Smile. Great collection!

SWEET TM collection so far!

If I see any of the ones you need, I'll make sure to LYK.