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Full Version: FT: Low End - Scans -ADDED MORE 7/29
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Greetings, the following are FT, mostly low end stuff. Looking for base of Yankees and Braves.

**Picked up a 2012 A&G Mini Fashionable Ladies - Flapper card today, it's FT

**Just added some TRUMBO Rookie Cards!!***

[Image: 052812144932.jpg]
[Image: 012812152135.jpg]
[Image: front2.jpg]
[Image: front5.jpg]
[Image: untitled.jpg]
[Image: 070712153920.jpg]
[Image: 070712153824.jpg]
[Image: 052812144932-1.jpg]
[Image: 012812152135-1.jpg]
[Image: 070712153833.jpg]
You can check me if you have any Dodgers.
Interested in the pineda, I will send over an offer
added some more scans!
offer sent for the Palmer and more.
Check me for the Sandberg.
check me for the rizzo and hamilton
(07-29-2012, 07:14 PM)Drudkh Wrote: [ -> ]Check me for the Sandberg.

Thank you for the interest, but I didn't see anything that I needed as of right now. You definitely have some nice cards listed FT!

The Palmer is in a pending transaction.
bump for some new A&Gs added.....
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