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Full Version: OPINION REGARDING: kobe timeless treasure auto 09-10 MVP MATERIAL /5
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How much do you think this card is worth?

I have a collector that wants the one I have. He says he already bought two of them over a year ago for $212 & $183 a few month apart from each other.

I've searched online every other week for this card for the last few years & do not remember seeing them. I know the "prime/patch" version sold for over $400. Can't remember exact price..

[Image: KOBE_TIMELESS_MVP_1-5.jpg]
Without giving out prices for the MVP Signature materials /25 version.... I think the /5 version should be at least 25-35% more in BV that that one.

Link to all Timeless Treasures MVP autos. Highest print run is /25.
Are you taking offers?
Sonic... sent you a PM with lowest I'd go... Let me know if interested & I'll add the card to my organization with a sell price.

I am going to try to sell a bunch of other lower dollar kobe jersey & patches this weekend if you're interested... check out my Beckett org..
since its #ed 1/5, i think if you get $250 or over, you will be making out good. if not for the numbering, i think it would be a $120-$150 card all day long.
Even though I am a Lakers fan, I think Kobe autos are over rated... I would say that this card should be around $300+ because of the numbering & it is a game worn jersey... not event worn... like most of Kobe Panini jersey's and/or patches...

I got two more offers on this card of $125-150.

Timeless Treasures 2009-10 tins/packs go for $159-178 as of today. Kobe auto is a case hit...
I can't remember, but thought these packs were around $80-100 when they first came out..

There are so many variations of Kobe autos out on the market.... it is hard for a Die Hard Kobe or Lakers fan to grab them all... You see more & more kobe autos selling on the cheap!!

It is sad when you can buy a kobe auto for less than what packs/boxes are going for....

I just sold an Elite Black Box Kobe USA Flag patch /99 for $122.50
Sad seeing it go for less than what a pack of Elite Black Box costs... OUCH!!
Card sold on ebay for $335 to an overseas collector...

I forgot to add international shipping charges.. I had it marked as free shipping.. which I'll take it as a lesson learned.. had to send it registered mail in order to have it covered by ebay/paypal policy.. ended up paying $15 & some change to ship it first class with registered mail... guess not too bad for overseas shipping with tracking number...

covers me in case the buyer says he never receives the card..
thats shocking it sold that high, isnt that prime auto territory? was in bin/bo or auction? congrats on the sale!!!!
it was an auction... I started it at $320... I was trying to get $350-400.. but luck of the draw... It's a nice card, but kobe autos are overrated..

I was hoping my MJ Chronology Timeless auto would go for a $1,000 or more, but that sold for $830... Two others, one before me & one after sold for over a $1,000... surprised, nobody bid on mine...

but it did look like some of the bidders on the other two, were just bidding to up the final cost..
thats the sad thing about alot of these "high end" cards, market manipulation on pricing is awful, just like you said, you can list a card and get 800 for it, but "others" list it and they sell for several hundred higher.