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Full Version: 98 jordan auto game worn jersey
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I received 98 jordan auto game worn jersey as a REPLACEMENT card from upperdeck. Autograph by MJ but without the /23 numbering. Does anyone know how much it is worth?

Scan please, Mr. Boner.
here is the scan
back of the card

What exactly did it replace? Seems very odd they would use that old/valuable a card to replace anything.
It happen back in 05. I crack a nfl spx case. Got a river/rothlisburger dual auto jersey #/25 redemption. But they accidentally sent those card out with the cases. So they replace me with the Jordan card.
Wow, nice replacement.
I would just die if that was my replacement. I see you put attachments but most of us can't see 'em. Got a bucket?
sorry. I do not have a bucket account. if you send me your email, i'll be glad to send you the pictures.
[Image: download.jpg]

[Image: download2.jpg]

Thank you for posting it up for me DOGBOY34
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