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Full Version: Quick Question.
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Is there a way to find out how many prints of a certain card are made? I have a LeBron auto and I've only seen a few on ebay, but it's not numbered. How can I find out how many were made?
This site normally lists the print runs for cards if they aren't numbered on the card (like announced print runs). Posting a pic (using photobucket) would help.
2010 SP Authentic Sign of the Times # S-LE
[Image: 2zg6jur.jpg]

There's this version that I see a ton of, but not the one I have.
what is the version you have? can you post a scan?

I hate when the print run is unknown, when there is not serial numbers...

I have a SPX 2008-09 Signature Block of Lebron... I have never seen another like it, but did see one Michael Jordan... seems like nobody wants to sell them or show them off online... maybe an UD employee kept them all themselves...
I put up a pic.