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Full Version: Finally Completed My 62-63 Parkhurst Set.
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Back in january i decided to attempt a set ive loved since i was 9 years old,the look of the cards and the players they protray is like nothing you find today imo, today i put the final piece of the puzzle in...#47 Robert took six months, tonnes of man hours and late nights checking the internet.

take a look. comments welcome

[Image: 1.jpg]
[Image: 2.jpg]
[Image: 3.jpg]
[Image: 4.jpg]
[Image: 5.jpg]
[Image: 6.jpg]

Also today, i received this beaut in a stellar trade with borderduke
thats going straight into my stamkos pc.
[Image: stammer-1.jpg]
what a great set!!! congrats on the completion! they all look to be in pretty good condition too.. doesn't look like there are any real "filler" cards!
Wow that is a nice set. Congrats.
great looking set and seem to be in very good shape
WOW, simply amazing accomplishment!! I too love the older sets! Card collecting was so much more simple back didnt have to sell your kids on the black market and rob fort Knox in order to collect!

Thank god I discovered collecting Gameworn jerseys!! It has made my card collecting habit look like chump change!

Congrats again! Those are pretty frickin' sweet!
Stunning! Congrats on the absolutely stellar completion! Isn't it great when a collecting journey is accomplished and you can show off your amazing spoils? Great stuff and thanks for sharing!

nice set congrats
Sweet set. Those area some beautiful cards in their simplicity. No background noise.

Nice looking set, it is always a good feeling to finish a project like this.
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