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Full Version: Yu Darvish Auto Allen & Ginter For Sale
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I have a 2012 Allen & Ginter Mini auto card with the black border around it for sale, i will include his regular RC as well in the sale. Im looking at getting $300 OBO. Who wants this HOT card!!

[Image: 1375b684.jpg]

[Image: 332ba009.jpg]
Nice card. I'm sure posting a scan will help.
I agree a scan is a must. Mark it for sale tok if it's not to keep the mods away.
thanks for the advice! ill post a pic tonight when i get home

the other problem is Beckett doesnt have it listed in their system yet
(07-26-2012, 03:29 PM)nusgoose Wrote: [ -> ]the other problem is Beckett doesnt have it listed in their system yet
this isn't it?
i dont think it is, when i look at the wrapper, there are a few different auto types listed. i know there are the mini cards that arent framed and stuff too?!?
Icon has the right card linked.

The one you have IS the regular Allen & Ginter Autographs #YD Yu Darvish.

I beleive the only mini AU's not framed are the ones from Rip cards - and I'm pretty sure those are red and #'d /10

I'd love to have that Yu card, but don't have the $ - I'd trade heavily in your favor though, if you want to look through my ORG.

sell it now! its as hot at itll ever be......unless he is mike trout 2..lost 50 bucks on that one selling it after being hot for a month...didnt think hed keep it up..boy was i wrong!!
bump, i just posted it on ebay!
Any one interested in this price dropped to $250 or best offer
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