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Full Version: 2012 Ignite Tony Stewart
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So, I have been busy with work and personal stuff, but when I am idle, I get ideas, and this is one of them (not the biggest idea I am working on, but still pretty cool, I think).

I traded for a few 2012 Ignite Tony Stewart cards, and started wandering on eBay for some others, and ended up with this little collection:

[Image: 2012Ignite.jpg]

I have the Magenta base proof incoming, but I can not find the B/W proof /50 and I lost the Yellow base proof auction (I thought I had bid enough, but I could not watch the end and got sniped).

[Image: 2012Ignite0001.jpg]

Completed the Top Speed base Rainbow, though.

[Image: 2012Ignite0002.jpg]

The /99 RU parallels are tough to find...but I was able to snag that sweet 3-color patch Silver that is a lot nicer than most of the /99 I have seen...not as nice as mine, though...

[Image: 2012Ignite0003.jpg]

The Red is 5/5 and I scored big on it, as I got it for a real good price. The base auto is not numbered, and the Gun Metal is 19/20.

I have missed out on a few of the Double Burner cards because of not being willing to spend enough...but I had to curtail it somewhere, I guess. But I am looking for those next.

Nice collection so far!!! I'll keep my eyes open for ya!
(07-26-2012, 07:24 AM)jeffgordonracing24 Wrote: [ -> ]Nice collection so far!!! I'll keep my eyes open for ya!
Thanks. Hopefully we can get that Gordon B/W trade done.

I just won a IM-TS2 (that is the Office Depot card) Gun Metal /99...single color Red piece, but it adds to the count, I guess.
Very nice!
Nice compilation! Good luck with getting the rest of them.
Nice set Tom, hope you find what you are missing at real good prices or trades.

Thanks, guys...wait until you see what I've done with my Total Memorabilia collection.
nice stuff bro!