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Full Version: 2 A&G plus randoms F/T *Updated*
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Ok i have all my A&G cards in org marked f/t now.
AND THE HOWIE KENDRICK MINI IS A NO Number. (BTW are all no number mini's A&G backs?) So for all of those that were interested in the mini sets send open offers Smile

[Image: AnG0001.jpg]

[Image: AnG0002.jpg]

[Image: AnG0003.jpg]

all except the black border minis in scan above are A&G backs

[Image: AnG0004.jpg]

[Image: AnG0005.jpg]

[Image: AnG0006.jpg]

[Image: AnG0007.jpg]
I need all the mini inserts and the Cutch relic. Could you give me a look? I have boxes of A&G and GQ I haven't added yet if you have any needs.
I am interested in the minis as well and possibly the wright N43 if you haven't listed it on ebay. I have all my base and inserts along with a bunch of ginter SP's listed if you are working on the set. Sounds like the base set is tough to build this year. My collation on a couple of boxes was pretty bad.
I also could use the Cutch relic and Pirates base/mini's/inserts if you don't work something out w rpspenner
cmb for the joe benson auto
please check me for Royals and any People of the Bible cards
ill give all of yall a look, im not sure if im going to collect the set of A&G yet, right now out of the set my prorities are rangers I dont have.
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