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Full Version: Box Break - 3 boxes -2012 Limited Basketball
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I think the back of the card should state what material it is from.... who would of thought the NBA would have a few hundred warm-up pants from the early 90's laying around, so they can give to Panini to create cards 10+ years after Pippen played?

What does the card say about the memorabilia? game worn, event used, ect .... ?? I'm curious...

Makes me think of my Elite Black Box - Decades Rookie (triple jersey) card... Has Dominique Wilkins picture wearing a jersey he played for.. but then the jersey on the card is a totally different jersey,, then the card states the team he was drafted by... which he never played for.. since he was traded the following week after his trade... wonder how many jersey's he touched for the team he never played for...??? I believe UD already used that jersey in previous cards.... no panini found a hidden jersey ...... Hmmm?? the Elite Black card also states that the "memorabilia is game worn." I do not think that is true, since Wilkins never played for the team that drafted him, nor has he worn the jersey used to produce the swatch on the card in a game..

where is the check & balances??

I hate redemptions!

I hate companies that mislead their customers!!
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