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Full Version: Box Break - 3 boxes -2012 Limited Basketball
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Not really into Basketball (nearest pro team to me is 300-400 miles away) but I always give this product a try, I've had fair luck. Here's my "luck" so far :

Base parallels:

12-Delonte West "SPOTLIGHT" - 30/49
103-Ty Lawson "SPOTLIGHT" - 05/49

Shawn Marion Jersey - 76/99
Retired Numbers Auto - Dan Majerle HARD SIGNED - 96/99
Trophy Case Jersey - Scottie Pippen - 12/75
Trophy Case Jersey - Nate Robinson - 03/99


Potential - Card #26 - Ekpe Udoh

Limited Signatures Silver Spotlight - Card #24 - Chris Bosh

2011 Draft Class Auto Redemptions:

Now, a question for anyone who can help. The Scottie Pippen material card does not appear to be a jersey swatch. It looks like off-white cotton or linen. I best describe it as like a bed sheet or maybe more like a dress shirt. Any ideas what it could be?? If I ask Panini, will they maybe enlighten me?

Thanks, and not looking to move anything..
Yeah, ask Panini. Go ask them on the post they just put on their blog today for Limited.
Thanks, just did. Hope they can give me an answer.

I just looked up my redemptions, and the Chris Bosh Silver Spotlight Signatures is /10! That's exciting!

Tracy just asked for a pic on the blog. Congrats on the break. What would you be looking for for any Pistons base you might have pulled? Smile
I posted links to 2 pictures on the blog. Here's the pics as well :

[Image: 100_1410.jpg]

[Image: pippenmaterial2012limited.jpg]

The material doesn't actually look so shiny without the flash on it...
Well.... 5 days and nothing so far from Panini or Hackler. I can't even post a new reply on the blog anymore to ask about any update...
Interesting. :|
probably material from an old school warm up????
Not bad
(08-01-2012, 12:39 PM)pingbling23 Wrote: [ -> ]probably material from an old school warm up????

Finally got the word from the Hackler's mouth..I mean typing fingers.

He said the brand manager told him it's from a pair of warm-up pants!

Mystery solved!
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