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Full Version: 1996 topps chrome refractor kobe bryant
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I am looking to pick this card up I see 9's are going for 3k now. I saw one at a show it was perfectly centered but it had some spots on it not sure how to explane it but when I tilted the card back and forth to see it refract all the colors the spots went away. but when the card is not in the light you can see them. is this common for these 96 refractor cards? it was in a old PSA 9 holder. I am currious to know if this is a common problem like refractor lines.
dose anybody know what kind of flaws these spots are on the 96 chrome refractors? they seem to be fading spots or something but when u refract the card they are not there just currious if this is normel for the card
no one can give a good opinion without a pic. some of the older finest refractors had an issue with spots....never heard of the issue in any chrome.