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Full Version: lots to trade if you have the following...
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...1)Masterpieces looking for one brown or above of all parrallel to base (need about 30% still but as i said i only want brown ,blue green red or black for each card not one of each colour just a colour for each parallel) same with canvas(jsy's need about 18%), and brushstrokes (autos need about 45%), also will consider 5x7's especially autographed ones.2)Nathaan Horton(patch,gu,autos,need larger collection rc's,refractors), 3)Hawerchuk,Cicarelli,any stasny,) 4)parkhurst 0607 autos captains,enforcers,parkhurst 1112 autos,5)showcase stiches and inks, 6)itg action jsys, 7)any and all lakings esp luc robitialle, 8)intrigguing leafs or retro hof guys

I can offer lots examples yguns from last 6=7 yrs, 1)Stamkos/lecavalier sott auto spauthentic worth at least 120.00 judging by last yrs stats.2)stamkos victory gold rc bp=50.00,3)crosby parkhysrst rc bv 60.00.4)ovie a)game used, b)game used w/backstrom, c)exclusives 30..00 ud checklist, d)bd quad, e)and more, 5)stamkos quad 25.99, 6)henrique canvas team canada worth 60.00,7) breakout rookie 40.00,8)kadri future watxh 60-80,9)marchand fw 40.00 plus messsier header 30.00,60.s header,plus 2 pieces of art worth between 25-45 . have some in org but all stuff to be seen at

awsome sight ignore ist page scroll through many albums includingpatches,gused,autos,rc,insertts,mcfarllane figures,mini jsys,full sized autoed jsys, and more
check me for your needs.
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