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Here is the mail that I have received through trade over the past couple days. Thank you to everyone I traded with.

Ray BourqueRay BourqueRyan MillerRyan GetzlafQuickHall/EberleRay BourqueRay Bourque

The Hall/Eberle is for trade. Not sure if I want to trade the Quick or not. I'm sure a nice Ray Bourque card can help me make up my mind.

Thank you for looking.
Great adds...comgrats! Bourque is an Icon!
Very nice adds, Nick! With all of the prospect of the Quick patch being amazing it's almost a shame that it's only one color. Great stuff!

nice pick ups

love the 93-94 UD Ray
Nice additions to your collection. Sweet stuff.
I love this year's Artifacts and that Bourque certainly hasn't changed my mind. That's a sharp card now and a sharp card in 10 years. I think it'll age very very well.

What uni do the swatches come from by the way?
I'd guess Avalanche.
Nice pick ups!!!!
You can never go wrong with Bourque - Nice pick-ups.
(07-20-2012, 05:12 PM)stadium sports cards Wrote: [ -> ]You can never go wrong with Bourque - Nice pick-ups.
I agree.
Would like to trade for the Hall Eberle but doubt I have anything even remotely close for trade.