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Full Version: 2011 UD Spectrum #383 Ryan Smyth 3/10. Need Help. (I'm not a hockey collector)
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Last week I was going through my cards and putting them away into boxes when I ran into my 11-12 Series Two Upper Deck box from like 4 months ago.

From that break I didn't hit much only a Konopka UD Exclusives /499? I think, some nice canvas cards and other cards I don't even remember. lol. Sad

Well when I was organizing them, I stumbled upon a Ryan Smyth 3/10 UD Exclusives card. I don't know how I didn't see it before but I was actually quite shocked I found it.

It's the same exact card like my James Neal card I have /10 so I'm guessing it's a high gloss refractor??

I was thinking of selling it but don't really know what it would go for, or if it has any value at all to be honest. :/ If I had to guess I'd say it could get a 9.5 grade.

Any help is greatly appreciated.
It's a pretty nice find for sure... the only thing is that Ryan Smyth is not that collectible. There are a few guys who will make offers on the card, but I don't think that you could ask for too much. Maybe $15-25 in trade and $5-10 in dollars. The team that he is on helps out a bit, seeing as there are a few Oilers collectors here on the Hockey Boards.

Now... the Canvas cards can be another story. If you have a Retired Star or Program Of Excellence then you are in luck. They still hold a decent value, and have become highly sought after. Also the Canvas Young Guns will surely land some interest. Hope that this helps a bit.

raw cards on ebay have been going anywhere from $5-25. Im guessing you would get $10-15 for it
not to many ryan smyth collectors but you never know, put it on ebay start at $10 let it ride through auction. I had a kipprusoff out of 10 and sold it for $30 good luck
you never know

if you can find the smyth collector you can do alright
Gotta find that Smyth collector.
Smyth collectors are out there for sure...ever since he returned to Edmonton. The man owns a restaurant in the city and he was welcomed as a hero. Start your search in Alberta and you'll be well on your way. Good luck!