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Full Version: Looking for Dirk, Mavs
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So this is my first post on the boards. I just set up my organize with all of my basketball stuff and I hope there are some things everybody is interested in. I collect Dirk and the Mavs (Mike Finley) and would be interested in anything around those. Mainly auto, patches, sp, rookies. Also trying to put together an auto set from the championship year, so looking for autos of players in mav uniform or rookie if not available i.e.. brian cardinal. I have some auto mem outside of cards as well. MJ, DrJ, antoine walker, cowboys, rangers, hank aaron. For the right thing, they could be in play too. Ok, antoine walker bball can be had for not much. shipping is probably more expensive than the ball Sad

ok, so now maybe you can see my organize.
Got a Dirk GU, sent an offer w/comment.