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Full Version: Trying to complete 2005 Topps Turkey Red Set, need SP's!
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Hello All,

I am Trying to complete a set that I started several years ago.

I have about 245 cards listed in my trade collection in organize but I am happy to look for cards to add to my organize from my collection if anyone has any special requests.

I am looking to trade for the following 26 SP's from 2005 Topps Turkey Red:
#20 Manny Ramirez SP
#28 Rich Harden SP
#30 Richie Sexson SP
#59 Wily Mo Pena SP
#60 Magglio Ordonez SP
#75A I.Suzuki w/Name SP
#78 Troy Glaus SP
#87 Joe Mauer SP
#100A A.Rodriguez w/Bat SP
#115 Curt Schilling SP
#120A V.Guerrero w/Bat SP
#125B R.Johnson Purple Sky SP
#130B I.Rodriguez w/Helmet SP
#150 Albert Pujols SP
#155 Pedro Martinez SP
#160A J.Sant Glove on Knee SP
#175 Nomar Garciaparra SP
#181 Gustavo Chacin SP
#184 Felix Hernandez SP
#185 Zach Day SP
#193 Jose Capellan SP
#195 Steven White SP RC
#214 Mike Gonzalez SP
#230A D.Jeter Blue Sky SP
#230B D.Jeter Purple Sky SP
#266 Steve Finley SP

Please let me know if you have any questions.


good luck with the set! if you get a chance check out im building the set as well and have found some of my SP's on there pretty cheap.
Thanks for the advice. I will check out the site!
Down from 30 to 27!