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Full Version: I am back
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hello everyone

I been away doing some visiting of family and other stuff. But I am back will start to post more often. I hope everyone is doing well.

Happy collecting
Welcome back. I hope you had a great time!
J.J., welcome back! I just picked up a sweet Ronnie Franchise Brass Bonanza auto from Dominion, featuring him in the Whalers uni, and you've got first crack at trading for it, if it's something you need.
It's about time! j/k Did you get the package I sent?
Welcome back. I hope you had time visiting family.
Welcome back JJ
Welcome back JJ, hope you had a good time in your travels.
are you not the same guy who was giving me grief for not visiting here enough????

Hope all the great for JJ.
welcome back JJ hope you had a good visit with family.
I was wondering what happened to my favorite poster.
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