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Full Version: Larry Bird/ Bill Russell 5/5 gold standard dual auto!
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Welcome, To trade or sell on Beckett, you will need to have cards entered into your organize, as all cards for trade or sell must be entered into your organize and marked accordingly (for sale requires a sell price) All transactions must be done via the trade tab at the top of the page. A good place to Start is by reading the sticky message atop the trading forums, there is a tutorial as well. Here are the links
New Traders Read first
Thanks, Mod
sweet pull it wouldn't have a bv but sell value I'd say maybe 200$-500$ Is it the latest gold standard or last years also do u have a pic?
yes i just took one, ill post right now
/Users/shawnmiller/Pictures/Nikon Transfer 2/038/SDC12749.JPG/Users/shawnmiller/Pictures/Nikon Transfer 2/038/SDC12750.JPG
Interested. Check me please
PM sent...