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Full Version: Recent Pickups from LCS
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He is some recent pickups from my LCS. I was surprised that he was able to pickup some BBall:

[Image: photo1-9.jpg]
Ewing embossed, Hardaway, Kemp, Malone and Rice refractors
[Image: photo2-9.jpg]
Johnson Luminescent, Marbury 911, Richmond refractors
[Image: photo3-9.jpg]
Mourning /2,000 (both), Nash essential credentials now /38, Payton and Pippen refractors
[Image: photo2-10.jpg]
Malone, Mullin, Sprewell and Davis refractors, West die cut /399,
[Image: photo1-10.jpg]
Shaq 911, Howard rave /399, Barkley and Iverson refractors, Iverson Mystique /1999
[Image: photo4-8.jpg]
Sprewell atomic refractor /100, Weatherspoon Autographics centry marks /100, Howard /500 and /30, Melo Jambalaya, Luxury Box three point play /75

Jordans and Nash are PC. I'm on the fence with the Melo because it's my first Jambalya. Others I might be willing to move. They aren't in my org but I can add if a trade gets started. LMK Thanks for looking...
Bulk deal? Nice pick ups! U buy or trade?
(07-15-2012, 11:01 AM)mickey7mantle7 Wrote: [ -> ]Bulk deal? Nice pick ups! U buy or trade?
I bought them. Yeah, it was a bulk deal.
Nice I like those old school cards.
Hey mate, would be intersted in Weatherspoon Autographics centry marks /100
I dont have an org but LMK if you are interested in anything and I will add them.
PM sent as well
org added, LMK
I'm a huge fan of 90's inserts and really enjoyed checking your pickups, thanks for sharing!
Nice stuff! I could use that Richmond refractor for my PC! Smile
What do you need for the Sprewell??
(07-17-2012, 09:22 AM)ersanluc Wrote: [ -> ]What do you need for the Sprewell??
Which one?
bro if you decide to move that melo, remember me!!!!!!!!! haha
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