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Full Version: About 1000-1200 inserts Ft from 1993-2003
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Hey I bought a lot of random cards (about 1000-1200) of random cards and inserts from about 93 to 2003. There are tons of inserts of Jagr, Bure, Forsberg, Gretzky, Sakic -just about all the major players except for Roy, Lemieux and .

I am working on sorting and getting stuff into my organize but if there is a team you are looking for, set need you have, or player you need just lmk. There is nothing to rare, but some cool stuff none the less.

Some stuff that I have seen a bunch off:
99-00 Stanley Cup Edition -Stanley Cup Talent Inserts
1998-99 SPx Finite Radiance Parallels
15 1998-99 Topps Gold Label Class 2 cards -1 class 3 & 1 Prime Gold
1999-00 Upper Deck Skilled Stars
1999-00 Black Diamond Diamond Might & a bunch of other early 2000 BD inserts
A few 2003-04 Pacific complete Gold's
2006-07 Victory Game Breakers and Next In Line Inserts
Red Wings, Flyers & Pacific inserts.
any Avs or Nordiques cards I don't have
Please check for any Brett Hull's for me. Thanks.
lookin for these

98-99 BAP

95-96 ELITE
Let me know of any Arturs Irbe cards you find.