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Full Version: Went a Little Nuts, Can't Wait for Mail Day
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You ever get on the bay and just get clicking and before you know it, you've spent whatever little budget you've allowed yourself for cards for the month? I think I got good deals though. I really like the "Or Best Offer" option. Working on that 09-10 Upper Deck I bought 7 Dual Materials, 2 3D, I think. Spent $35 though. One dude, I kept making offer after offer and he kept accepting them, then I got greedy, offered $1 on something he was asking $10. I was like "Yeah, it's an autograph but c'mon, I think this guy is out of the league." so he countered at $3, I rejected. Same on something I saw for $2 on comc, he countered at $5, I rejected. That's self control right?
Awesome man i can't wait to see! I have some stuff i havent shared with hardly anyone yet that i have picked up and recieved/waiting in the mail in the month of july that i have picked up on ebay/other sellers.It is gonna be filthy i promise haha

COMC i have like 7 cards flagged for shipping i try to add some low/mid end stuff i need for my PC from that site but some sellers don't like to come down awhole lot on the cards..kind of stinks but ohh well i guess haha!
Well, have more coming, but here's the first 3 days:

[Image: 2012-07-16_19-02-55_715.jpg]
[Image: 2012-07-16_19-02-55_715.jpg]
[Image: 2012-07-17_11-50-04_226.jpg]
I like that your profile name is Bobcat in Spanish!
I got several of those duals if you want them.
(07-18-2012, 02:41 PM)quavis Wrote: [ -> ]I like that your profile name is Bobcat in Spanish!
I got several of those duals if you want them.
Yeah man, it was my site, I blog and get paid via paypal, so I started using that money to buy cards with. Now I'm back on BigcatBobcat if you ever read my stuff. Let me know what you've got and what you want to get rid of, I'm trying to build that set, which is to say, I'll be working on it for a long long time. I dont have much worth trading, some Donruss 2009-10 and Hoops from this year, maybe a Season Update 2010-11 or a Hoops blaster box. I gotta dig into my old stuff.
Pretty sweet mail day man! I've got several of those duals as well, plus the Blake RC and a few other RCs. I'd be willing to trade or sell, would actually prefer to sell since I just got back from- and now have to pay off- my wedding/honeymoon trip!

Shoot me a PM or a trade offer if I've got anything you need!
I keep on with this set and I'm trying to be like CrimeDawg47 with my Gerald Henderson stuff. I'm getting good deals I think.
[Image: 2012-07-25_20-27-45_432.jpg]

[Image: 2012-07-25_20-32-26_77.jpg]
I kinda like those dual jersey cards.. I was able to complete the SPX 06-07 jersey set.. thought about th dual jersey set, but stopped looking for them a few months into the chase..

direct link:

Hey my hendo collection aint so bad either! Dont make me post all mine. Lol. I read robertogato all the time. Great stuff. I go to almost every game and live in s. Charlotte only 15-20 min away from stadium. Sorry arena. Crimedawg might have the best hendo collection but ik the biggest bobcat fan and colector.