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Full Version: Getting back into the swing of things
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I havent been around much due to work, Holidays and Visiting out of country Family but all that is over and im making my way back here and to my cards..

to my traders ill be getting back to uncompleted trades soon and if your still waiting on a package it will definitely be out this week if not today.
He told me to send him reminders every hours on the hour until he gets to the post office. Smile
and you didnt remind me once today Shame on you LOL
I'll do it - get the post office! lol

Edit: bbills - do you need the Majerle Rookie from 1989-90 hoop? Only ask as i'm getting a box of this next week. Should also (hopefully) get a double of Majerle from 1995-96 Jam Session. lmk.