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Full Version: 8 box lot mixed years and brands
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Hi all was wondering if anyone had any thoughts on the worth of these basketball hobby boxes? thx roger

topps hobby edition 06-07
topps chrome 02-03
fleer platinum 03-04 Fleer Exclusive
upper deck 04-05 hardcourt
fleer ultra 06-07
fleer ultra hobby exclusive 98-99
topps 04-05
topps 05-06
You have a chance at a rookie of one of miami's big three in 03-04 platinum. Overall, I'd say fairly good value. You're best chances of complete sets are with 04-05 and 05-06 topps.
was that a "lot" you were thinking about buying, or were you thinking about buying those boxes individually? I think they are pretty good.. I'm not familiar with the 02-04 boxes... I didn't collect those years, nor have I broke any early 2000's boxes.. except 00-01 finest..

How much were those boxes going for?