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Full Version: some small pickups (scans)
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Had an opportunity to go to the weekly card market here. the only guy who has basketball told me he had some new stuff, so thought I'd drop by and see what he had.
Turned out he didn't have anything I really needed, but decided to pick up these cards in exchange for three JC Navarro Spanish league cards and €3.50 ($5 approx), which I think was a pretty good deal for me. All RCs FT

[Image: escanear0223.jpg]
Is that like a flea market? Nice pickups for $5.
(07-08-2012, 09:39 AM)gjpoll1 Wrote: [ -> ]Is that like a flea market? Nice pickups for $5.
uhm... well yeah sort of. Over here in Europe collecting cards is very much something for young kids (5 to 10 yrs old) and then usually there's some old folk who have done it for decades.

They're usually soccer stickers, with about 13 stickers per team so you get huge sets of about 250 to 300 stickers per set that you can stick in albums. Those kids gather on these markets with their parents to trade, exchange their doubles for their needs. Really like the hobby used to be.

It's only be recently - last decade - that there have been some other stuff as well, like them gormiti things and some Magic cards too. Basketball doesn't appear to really have taken off here collecting-wise.

I should have some small videos of it, let me try and find them
here you go
as you can see it's outdoors (it hardly rains here). they either put their stuff on tables or on sheets on the ground. the groups of people are parents and their respective kids trying to get the best trades out of one another