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Full Version: 1986 Star Michael Jordan Complete Set 1-10 PICS
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I finally completed this set. It took me around a year to get all 10 cards. I got card #6 in the mail today. There are a couple cards I plan to replace (cards 2 and 7, simply because they are not BGS). I also would like to replace a couple cards due to the grades. I found a guy that I have bought 4 of the cards from. He has cards 2 and 7 graded BGS 8.5 so I will eventually buy those off him. The cards with the lower grades are because of centering which doesnt bother me as much as corners and edges. Here is my set!

[Image: 6ee33549.jpg]
[Image: c24e234e.jpg]
[Image: de20b132.jpg]
[Image: 8af4df0f.jpg]
[Image: 7a2a7c65.jpg]
[Image: dd62760b.jpg]
[Image: 860e3f36.jpg]
[Image: f044ca47.jpg]
[Image: dfb17011.jpg]
[Image: d48317bd.jpg]
I WANT, I WANT! Great job man!
Wow. This is a set that I wanted to collect. Congrats.
(07-07-2012, 01:13 AM)arabiansnowgriz Wrote: [ -> ]I WANT, I WANT! Great job man!
Thanks man! I do not know why but I would prefer this old school set over any newer, modern set....except sets from the 90's of course!
(07-07-2012, 11:45 AM)kenarm79 Wrote: [ -> ]Wow. This is a set that I wanted to collect. Congrats.
Thanks! I want to eventually replace some of the lower grades, but for now I am happy to have it done.