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Full Version: Looking for Jordan Auto, You Can Have These!
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Hey guys, I'm putting these up on the bay this weekend but thought I'd give members first shot at a trade.

I'm looking for a Michael Jordan auto, and will trade any combination of these (all if necessary) to make it happen.

Two things — I would ask that you ship first (had a bad experience with my last trade, as some of you may know).

Also, I did the best I could to match up my cards with the listings in the orgs (the Cabrera is #d to 35, the Tebow is #d to 199 and the Stafford is #d to 150, but they are slightly different in the orgs — what you see in the scans is what you'll get.)

The Ripken is listed as a short print, by the way.

Other than that, feel free to PM me if you're interested:

[Image: RJ2Front.jpg]

[Image: RJ1Front.jpg]

Thanks for looking! RJ

In the office tonight, let's make some trades. Thanks! RJ
What sell value do you have on the lot as a whole?
(07-08-2012, 10:48 AM)thess23 Wrote: [ -> ]I'm interested in griifey jr. and cam newton... Dont have a jordan auto but would give you cash to help pay towards it if price is right and you're willing to.
I'm just looking for a trade, but I really appreciate the response. Take care ...
Tuesday bump, I"m in the office tonight ... let's trade!

Just to let you all know, I have listed them online as of tonight, but if we work out a deal I can pull them off. Thanks.

The Tebow has been sold, the rest are still available for your MJ auto. Also have them on the bay, but will pull them off if we can swing a deal. Thanks ... RJ