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Full Version: Anyone excited for the release of limited?
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Wondering whats everyone's view on limited ? It's been push back so many times it better be good
some of it has ebay already and wow these look top notch! I am also stoked that Penny Hardaway is in the product including an auto in his magic uni!!!!

Not in the slightest ... ready to move on from the nightmare of 11-12 products and ring in the new season, with no lockout and a double rookie class.

Should be good.
I have to say i havent seen them but i havent been too excited at all. Im excited about fleer retro. College uniforms dont bother me. Ill just buy the limited singles if i like them.
limited has been one of my favorite panini products, this one should be good as well.
I was excited for their release, until I started seeing the singles show up online... I like the designs, but the price per box/pack is crazy...

the base has a high print run /299... even the legends are printed at /299.... what happen to keeping the legends to /99 like in Limited 2009-10?

Print run for Legends subset
2009-10 /99
2010-11 /199
2011-12 /299
next year, will they be /399 ?? don't make since to keep changing print runs. ... it only waters down the base card values...
I got a box today and picked up a Durant Glass Cleaners Auto Mem card /49. Only thing that sucks is because it is a redemption. I will get my break scanned and posted in the next few days.
I'm excited for another Henderson auto Smile If anyone gets one let me know!
drove by my LCS in San Diego... had to stop by & say hi to the owner, Harry @ PJ's Sports Cards in Chula Vista, Ca...

He only had one box of Limited 2011-12 @ $105.. ya, probably over priced.. I think these packs should be no more than $75...

I am not a fan of this years Limited or last years (2010-11).. I like the Legends subset & few of the auto cards... but print run is going to hurt this product... isn't Limited supposed to be somewhat of a high end product?

Not a fan how they Panini are doing RC/XRC (2011/12) rookie cards.. I hate redemptions!!

Well, out of my pack.. the hits... Ray Allen jersey card, Robert Parish "glass cleaner" 0n-card auto, & a 2011 RC REDEMPTION....

Thanks Panini for losing on the gamble!!

Will not buy another Limited 2011-12 pack.... cheaper to pick up singles on the secondary market..
just bought 2 boxes of this, plus hoops and black box, should be here wednesday, wish me luck!!!!!
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