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Full Version: can somebody please help
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im wondering about sending some cards in to be graded. are there any new specials coming up on pricing for sending cards in for grading?\

also, on the 45 day deal, does it take the full 45 days? or do they tend to actually do it a tad bit faster?
Normally, it's AT LEAST the full 45 days. When I did a submission of 20 days, they started counting the day after they received them. From the time I sent them off until the time I received them was probably 28 days. Also depends on the shipping you use, I just use ground. Also, as I mentioned to Nick recently, there's nothing in their system showing that they've received the cards, they'll just tell you to look at the delivery confirmation of your package, if you used one.
That kind of sucks that you have to look at your own delivery confirmation when you mail in your cards to beckett for grading.... to get status... they should have something in place to show that they actually received the cads & there were no problems.. (i.e. missing cards, that are listed on your submission paper, but not in the envelope/casing...)
I completely agree. I would like to know what status they are in as soon as they got them. Even something as simple as "Received package ..." with the DC number there. But further more, I would like to know that they've opened my packaged, make sure all of the cards are there that I've listed on the form, list them back to me so I know that's the case, and give me an estimation time. Maybe Beckett should contact Dominoes and find out who made the Pizza Tracker. lol.

Thanks for your help. I really appreciate it. Also. Just a question. Go to my bucket and look at the cards of melo. They are all numbered very low but are in great shape. Do you think that it's worth sending them in? Or not? I mean I may eventually sale one or two of them to purchase future melo cards so I figure that the grades would make them more valuable. Just let me know what you two think. And thanks again
For resale purposes, it's always best to get them graded for low numbered cards in my opinion. But even if you weren't going to sell them, it keeps the condition as good as it can be and I love the display. Smile
I have had Beckett email me when the got my package because they had a question on it. Even though their system didn't say it was received. I would guess that if you don't get an email and until they start working on your order, your tracking is the best method.
I'm finding, even the website, Beckett isn't the most streamlined company. They're the only company that does it all for our hobby though, so I'm thankful, just the whole process on stuff isn't fully thought through from the consumer's perspective. Like anything though, they treat a captive audience pretty well.
If I do not use tracking on a package but only insurance, is there a way to figure out if it arrived?