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Full Version: **Giroux ice premieres patches**
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Hi to everyone! I am fine to pay 1,000$$$$ for this card

2008-09 upper Deck ice premieres auto patches/10 Claude giroux

If you know a guy who have that card or have that card --ยป LMK as fast as possible

contact me only by email.. PAYPAL ready!!! help me to find that card please!!!!!!!!
I now offering 3,000 for each one... I now have 2 of 10...need all your help everyone
Best luck, man!!! I know that there are some hardcore Giroux collectors out there, and they would be hard-pressed to give up that card! Hopefully you can land them!

Also, it is against the Terms Of Service to ask people to contact you through your email instead of through Beckett in order to find cards. You might want to change that one.