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Full Version: Trading with HitmanCollectibles? - PLEASE READ!
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For those of you who have completed trades or trade offers up with me, I wanted to let you know that there will be a delay in shipping, or even communication. My father-in-law had heart surgery on Friday, and my mother-in-law decided that it would be better not to "burden" us with that information until it happened Friday afternoon! Needless to say we dropped everything anyway and headed up to Dallas.

The good news is that he is well on his way to recovery and is already up and about a little. Bypass was unnecessary and the doc said he has a strong heart, so overall the prognosis is great! However, we are staying for a bit through the holiday to help with cooking, cleaning, grocery shopping, and just general supportiveness.

The bad news for "y'all" is that I am NOT home in the Austin area, and will be unable to ship anything until we return. I may get on here and kill some time now and then, respond to offers, make offers, etc. Please know that everything will get shipped as soon as I get back. Thank you for your patience and understanding!!!

Best regards,
Matt (hitmancollectibles)
Thank you for letting us know as soon as you knew. Smile Hope all goes well.
I am in Pflugerville, so let me know if there is anything I can do to help.
You're a great trader! Hope everything goes well.
Just want to say "thank you" for all the well wishes and positive thoughts on these posts, pms, and trade comment threads. They are all very much appreciated! Looks like we will be heading home sometime on Thursday (I think mom is getting tired of having all of us around!!!)
Ok, I am back! Swamped at work and things to do around our house, but back nonetheless. Dad is doing great and they are preparing for their summer in Colorado. (Can't blame them for wanting out of the Texas heat!) I sent a few trades out yesterday, a couple more today, and should have the last couple by Saturday. I really do appreciate everyone's well wishes, and especially their patience as I know some of you sent your items back at the end of June! I will be catching up on PMs and adding comments to the trade offers asap, but for now, THANK YOU!!!