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Full Version: (L/W)TTF: Panini Redemptions for 2012-13 Draft Pick #9 ANDRE DRUMMOND!!!! :)
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Mainly looking to trade many cards for one. I'll have to go through the redemption process, the card won't be autographed or likely numbered, so I don't think the BV that is currently listed for it will hold very much, especially with as big of a bust potential as some say he has. I MAY be willing to purchase as well, but that's the last avenue. Thanks.
Way to talk it down! And I WANT the first one! LOL...

Oh, and #12 as well...

lol. Honesty is one of the better and worst traits. Smile What do you mean by you want the first one? The first pick?
The first Drummond available on here of course!
(06-29-2012, 01:03 PM)hitmancollectibles Wrote: [ -> ]The first Drummond available on here of course!
lol. You have yourself a challenge. Smile I'm going to try and stay up to par with his cards as they come out, as best I can. Maybe not the 1/1s though. Depends on how funds go.
Hey insanity, sorry to be posting on a forum about other things, but im new to this beckett site. If you're interested I have a John Wall Absolute memorabilia serial # 037 499, if you interested in it for cash. I'll need help making the trade because i'm clueless so far. Thanks Dan.
I have the #1 redemption that i have on the trade block here lol, but i want to see if they number the card first. It's such a buzz kill finding out the cards weren't auto'd.