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Full Version: 1911 T201 Mecca Double Folder question
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Does anyone on the forum know how to determine if a 1911 T201 Fitzpatrick/Killian is an original or a reprint? I'm considering purchasing one from a local shop but am suspicious due to the surprisingly good condition of the corners for a 101 yr old card. No creases other than the card fold line. Crease has been folded at one time but no tears on edges. Paper stock is thin and tan in color. Picture color good Stats on rear are about 90/10 off center. Books for $150. Seller asking $100 but has agreed to take $80. Factory#649 NY. Any tips on authenticating card? Thanks.
The Mecca that I just picked up is in similar condition to what you have described. Mine has some paper loss on the back, but the corners are really good - not razor sharp, but pretty close. You could measure the card if you are concerned about it being trimmed