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Full Version: SWEET MOJO Gold Standard break and decent Totally Certified
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In my opinion this was an awesome gold standard break...tons of low numbered cards

first was the RPS but it was a redemption of Bilal Powell(but who cares about that..i made up for it Smile )

Terrel Pryor 1/10
[Image: -011.jpg]

Brett Favre 9/25
[Image: -012.jpg]

Lesean Mccoy 31/99
[Image: -013.jpg]

hit 2 gold cards!!!

MJD 6/10
[Image: -016.jpg]

Jerrel Jernigan 1/6
[Image: -017.jpg]

and this nice little hit

Hines Ward 4/20..
[Image: -015.jpg]

now on to totally certified, not nearly as good but still decent

Josh Cribbs 75/149
[Image: -006.jpg]

Jared Allen 152/249
[Image: -005.jpg]

Joe Namath 122/240
[Image: -007.jpg]

Anthony Allen 239/299
[Image: -010.jpg]

Colin Kaepernick 310/399
[Image: -009.jpg]

Steve Johnson 4/5
[Image: -008.jpg]

All are for trade except the Jernigan..I think he will have a good year...I am looking for higher end current Falcons...thanks!

Heh, didn't know Namath played for the Rams.... I got a Mike Ditka one in a Cowboys uni, but thought he only played for the Bears.
i think he only played one year for the Rams in 1977 i believe
I learn something new everyday!
Can u tell me what tv u want on the mjd?
Good stuff on the Gold Standard! After my AP hit last week, I might have bought three boxes that will be here tomorrow. I'm hoping for some more mojo in this product!
(06-25-2012, 09:51 PM)cody_allen Wrote: [ -> ]Can u tell me what tv u want on the mjd?
honestly...i am not sure since there is no BV on these cards...just let me know what you have to trade and i am sure we can make something work
I'd love a shot at the MJD and the Hines Ward
(06-25-2012, 10:23 PM)lsolarte1 Wrote: [ -> ]I'd love a shot at the MJD and the Hines Ward
sent ya a pm
The last one sold for 25. there is some random stuff in here if you wanna check it out.
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