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Full Version: 2012 Valiant...Mostly
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Iwent to a card show Saturday and wasn't having a whole lot of luck finding Wisconsin stuff, except for a Wilson I got in a trade and a Watt auto for 4 bucks.

Top card was this:

Nick Toon Valiant Rc Au

WOOHOO PC on the first card, looking good,


Alshon Jeffery Valiant



Isaiah Pead Blue Valiant 93/99

Then I got a Blue Devier Posey, which I promptly traded to an OSU collector for this,

JJ Watt Playbook Rc Au  246/299

So 2 pc hits in 1 box, plus some decent trade bait.
Pretty sweet stuff. If you decide to move the Alshon Jeffery, let me know, for what ever reason I keep getting his auto's and wouldn't mind adding that one to the collection.
I'd consider that a very good box if it helped me pick up 2 PC cards!

P.S. lol good trade. I would have made it too Tongue
Well it's about to be 4 pc hits. Just made a trade (sorry ZeroDave) for the Jeffery. My box now has a toon auto, watt auto, Charles Woodson Inception parallel, and a sterling sharpe gu.
nice break