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Full Version: Recent additions to my Diamond Stars Set 1934-35
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Accumulated these over the past 90 days or so. Hayworth is my first high number of the set. Smile

Enjoy! Sorry but none of these are for trade but comments welcomed and Im always looking for more if there are any out there. I have 39 of the 108

[Image: Terry14.jpg]
[Image: Ruffing60.jpg]
[Image: Hayworth90.jpg]
[Image: Hack34.jpg]
[Image: Bonura65.jpg]
[Image: Averill35.jpg]
[Image: 58GlennMyattCLE35G.jpg]
[Image: 78JoeKuhelWSH35B.jpg]
[Image: 67MarvinOwenDET34G.jpg]
Nice pick-ups, good luck with the set.
looks good!
Great looking cards. I picked up my first Diamond Stars a couple of months ago. Good luck with the set
Those are nice! Good luck with the set.
Thanks guys, been a pretty challenging set so far and I am not being picky at all about condition, as long as there is no major paper loss on the front or back, Ill take it.
Love 'em. You are a little ahead of me in terms of amount of cards Smile
(06-25-2012, 01:27 PM)beatles guy Wrote: [ -> ]Love 'em. You are a little ahead of me in terms of amount of cards Smile
Oh your doing this set too? I have never known anyone else to pick this set. Thats great! Maybe we can swap dupes if either of us ever get any. Its hard enough to get one of each card though, lol. Im sure Ill run into a few on the road to completion.
I love the art deco look of it. As you can see by my sig, I'm doing three toughies, '33 and '34 Goudey and Diamond Stars. I'll probably still be working on them on my death bed Smile
Very cool! Thanks for sharing!
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