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Full Version: 2002 Press Pass Box...(Not A Typo)
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Yes, I really broke a box of 2002 Press Pass. LCS had it sitting in its 50% off bin for a while, for a good reason, and I may have over spent. Was bored and wanted to bust wax and they had absoutely nothing. So here is the damage:

[Image: Scan0003.jpg]

Yes that is a Kelly Campbell Auto, Leonard Henry Mem Card and a Kurt Kittner Reflector /500. I had fun, 36 packs and some pretty neat cards. Anybody need anything form this set let me know. Julius Peppers is in here, and a couple other mediocer names.
not bad !
10 years ago we'd have all been pumped about a box with an auto and a game used.
Dude what would you want for the KC auto? Pm me.