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Full Version: Paypal Express-Jordan Lebron #1/1
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I'm offering up the following to whomever gives me the best Paypal offer for each of the below:

93/94 UD Black Diamond Quadruple Diamond #9 Michael Jordan
Serial #148/150

2009 Goodwin Champions Lebron James #1/1 Yellow mini printing

2004/05 SP Game Used Dual Jersey #AF2-JJ Lebron James & Jordan
#001/100 First Printed

05/06 Topps Finest Brandon Roy XRC Black X-Fractor #1/9 First

06/07 Topps Luxury Box 5x Euro Star Relics Blue Parallel serial
#01/49 First Printed Nowitzki, Bargnani, Tony Parker,
Kirilenko, Krstic

05/06 Topps Superfractor #1/1 Chris Taft #209 Graded BGS 9.5

06/07 Topps Chrome Superfractor #1/1 TJ Ford

05/06 Topps Finest White Framed X-Fractor #1/1 Sebastian Telfair

Just pm me with any type of offers.


I'll add in these 2 First printed Lebron's if anyone is up for it.

2005-06 Sweet Shot Sweet Swatches #SW-LJ Lebron James Gold
Parallel Serial #01/50 First Printed

2007/08 SP Game Used Hardcourt Classics #HC-LA Lebron James
Wicked 3-Color Patch Serial #01/50 First Printed
(this one is in the scan)

2003-04 Bowman Rookies & Stars #125 Jason Kapono #1/1
RC Autographed Magenta Plate
2003-04 Bowman Rookies & Stars #125 Jason Kapono #1/1
RC Autographed Cyan Plate

UCLA Alum take note as the RC auto plates for one of the best
3-point shooters ever are both in his UCLA uniform #24

pm me with any types of offers.