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Full Version: Up for grabs..."Unique" Houston Rockets RC PATCH auto
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I get creeped out by the fact that he's dead... anyone want this?

[Image: IMG_0003.jpg]
in what way is this a 1/1 ??kindly send the card to me
Thats the only one with a patch like that or course Wink
I thought his number might be 116...
Its the only 116 out of 250 Come on guys dont you know your card Wink
I wonder if people would put a 1/1 eBay tag on the sixth card of a card numbered to 66. Smile It'd be even cooler if it didn't have preceding zeroes. lol.
ok, i get it, the 1/1 is taboo. Hopefully this new title is a bit more appropriate.
I heard he might have a "breakout" season next year..... What too soon?
I regret creating this thread,

but while on topic.