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Full Version: $20 2012 Bowman Blaster Tebow MOJO
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As most of you know the blasters are a waste of time when it comes to the new Bowman, but I am still addcited to opening just about anything. So a nice SP Tim Tebow was a great surprise.

Tebow for trade after I check with one member I know collects him. Will let you all know.

Thx, Art
[Image: 2012tebow001.jpg]
They are a waste most of the time but I always buy something anyway lol.
(06-20-2012, 08:15 PM)vegasjames Wrote: [ -> ]They are a waste most of the time but I always buy something anyway lol.
I've bought three of them and have made my money plus some back to put into my Dan Herron collection.
This was my second box and most likely my last. RG3 in the first one and a Luck/RG3 Combine in the second. So the Tebow covered the two boxes and then some.
not bad
i never have the luck in Blasters! but have bought a ton of them!
I buy them to simply scratch the itch, but the hits are rare for me.
I bought 4 now. Two helmet autos, 3 different RG3's, both gold and RC Luck, and 15 NYG's cards for my PC.
Great looking cards this year.
How are they a waste of time? Ive boughten 3 blasters and gotten 2 auto refractor helmet cards, and inside the numbers relic card. 3X Justin Blackmon Rookies 3X Trent Richardson Rookies 2X Andrew Luck Gold Paralels, 2X RG III Rookies, and RGIII/Luck Combine Competition card, and varius other rookies/stars/insers and Vikings cards for my collection.

Most of the people I have talked to have done quite well with Bowman blasters and horrible with hobby boxes
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