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Full Version: First Danica Auto pull
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I'm usually post on the football forum buy nascar products every now and then. I went to the lcs and picked up a box of 2011 Elite and a pack of Total Memorabilia needless to say was excited with the Elite after I pulled this.

[Image: 2011DMurrayContenders1.jpg]

#5/5 tire 2 color fire suit 2 color logo glove and a compliance with FIA tag for the shoe. Thanks for looking and enjoy!
That is a SPECTACULAR pull!!!!

Congrats on such a great card. I really wish I had some cash (or even a great card to trade) to get that. What an excellent pull!!!
wow very nice pull great card
(06-20-2012, 06:15 AM)roostersclassics11 Wrote: [ -> ]wow very nice pull great card
That thing is sick!!!!!
Sell it while you can! Cool card man.
WOW!! That oughta buy you some sweet pc items...
Great cards, I never have any luck pulling who I collect, it only happened once!

Thanks guys I was really at a loss of words when I opened the booklet up. I did some searching and one of the others like this is on the bay going to see what that does before I make up my mind but odds are I am going to keep it for now.
I know I'd keep it if I pulled it. Unless I REALLY needed some money!!!
that is sweet!!!
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