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Full Version: 08/09 OPC Master Set WTTF Parallels
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I'm working on a Master Set of 2008/09 OPC #1-800. The following is a breakdown of what i have so far:

Missing - 87
Base -393
Metal - 34
Gold -101
Retro -167
Metal-X - 7 (35,45,135,151,188,668,677)
Ret Rainbow - 11 (180,224,281,380,482,666,696,720,748,767,792)

I have the specifics in my Organize under 2008/09 OPC Master Set for the Base,Metal,Gold, & Retro & i'm willing to trade with anyone who can upgrade my set in any way. I'd consider an upgrade in the order i have my breakdown listed above so i consider Retro better than Gold even though they have the same multiplier. I have tonnes of extra base, metal, gold, retro available as well as lots of other hockey i have not yet had time to put in my organize.