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Full Version: Where are the vintage collectors? There are Pics here
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Come on, I know there must be some other collectors besides myself on this forum that collects vintage cards. Sure, with vintage cards there is nothing new but that doesn't mean that they aren't fun too (especially that some become seriously rare based on quality)

Let's see some cards!!!!! Here are a few pics from my collection to start things off. Can you tell I like Tony Esposito?
[Image: IMG-20120615-00036.jpg]
Plante and others in action
[Image: IMG-20120615-00035.jpg]
Canadiens on Guard! Plante and others in action
[Image: IMG-20120615-00034.jpg]
Boom Boom!!!!!
[Image: IMG-20120615-00033.jpg]
Plante in action in rookie year
[Image: IMG-20120615-00032.jpg]
Wow that's old!!!
[Image: IMG-20120615-00031.jpg]
Pro Graded cards rawk!!!! This is how you turn a $4 card into a $25 card
[Image: IMG-20120509-00003.jpg]
It's because there is only one link to this. A link should be included by the trading and box break link. The link only appears with the new drop down menu. Ask Beckett to add the link with te rest of them.

Very nice vintage cards by the way.
thanks Big Grin
sweet Vintage collection

loving the Boom Boom the best
not sure if I am doing this right My middle name is John and my older brother always called me that. He got this from a game he went to in Detroit. The second signature sheet has Don Cherry on the same sheet as Terry Sawchuk. This was signed for my brother in 1955 at a Bruins Blackhawks preseason game held in St Catherines Ont. Where will you ever find those names along with all the others on a sheet. Sawchuk only played parts of 2 seasons with the bruins . He was suffering from depression and the Bruins MGMT treated him like crap so he asked for a trade. Cherry only played one game in the NHL so it is extremely rare to find these two auto's on a sheet anywhere. you will see that Schmidt, Goyette, Labine, Quakenbush and other on on there as well. One of my gem pieces. Just count the HOF players on those two sheets alone. I included the matchbooks so people could see a howie morenz matchbook. Pretty rare as well. I got tons of scans and tons of stuff. If you want to see more just email me. ALWAYS LOOKING TO TRADE FOR ANY BEEHIVE RELATED ITEMS
Cool stuff!
Hey Tony if that is your last name we may be related. My last name is Smart as well
Here is my one of my prized sets of vintage cards!
[Image: 57-60.jpg]
[Image: 53-56.jpg]
[Image: 49-52.jpg]
[Image: 45-48.jpg]
[Image: 41-44.jpg]
[Image: 37-40.jpg]
[Image: 33-36.jpg]
[Image: 29-32.jpg]
[Image: 25-28.jpg]
[Image: 21-24.jpg]
[Image: 17-20.jpg]
[Image: 13-16.jpg]
[Image: 9-12.jpg]
[Image: 5-8.jpg]
[Image: 1-4.jpg]
Nice^, I love the Howe, I want one of those.

Here is a couple I got, I collect nothing newer than the mid 80's but try to keep my eye open for 50-60s.

[Image: %24(KGrHqZ,!hgFCF2BSE0vBQmoHoU5t!~~48_20.JPG]

[Image: %24(KGrHqZHJE8FBzzO6nSUBQmoHsHBOg~~48_20.JPG]

[Image: %24(KGrHqRHJCgFBsRU3DN8BQmoHwTFlw~~48_20.JPG]

[Image: %24(KGrHqN,!qsFBeEmyNwTBQmoH0Y6Zw~~48_20.JPG]

Sick vintage guys

Heres some of mine
[Image: IMG_0003-2.jpg]
[Image: IMG_0002-3.jpg]
[Image: 156.jpg]
[Image: 157.jpg]
[Image: 158-1.jpg]
[Image: 159.jpg]
[Image: 160.jpg]
[Image: 161.jpg]
[Image: 162.jpg]
[Image: 163.jpg]
[Image: 164.jpg]
[Image: 165.jpg]
[Image: 166.jpg]
[Image: 167.jpg]
[Image: 168.jpg]
[Image: 169.jpg]
[Image: 171.jpg]
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